combining logistic and emotions

Phase 1 - prior to departure

Phase 2 - after arrival

During this phase, we will balance the logistic side of the move which can be overwhelming with the emotional challenge of changing countries. We will review the following:

how to move towards the 1 steps of the transition, how to address the potential cultural choc.

how to organise your move, though I won’t be physically there with you, there are many tips I can share with you to make your move easier, and lighter!

how to select the best school possible for your children, according to their needs, your desires and list of requirements.

I will help you open up your eyes on different aspects of your life that will be impacted by the nomad life and how to address them.

That’s it, you’re there! You made it! Well done!

It is no longer a dream, a shallow picture of how it may look like, how it might feel like.

It’s like the first bite into a new fruit, now you know a bit better how it tastes, how it feels, how it smells.

So how do you feel? How are you doing?

During those sessions, we will go through the different phases of the U. Curve, giving you some tools and tips how to adapt to each of them.

5 sessions to address the general issues of living abroad, but also to consider the different local aspects of your new country and how to deal with them.