Cooking, cooking, till Coronavirus do us apart…

Almost the end of the 3rd week in our quarantine and I feel like throwing away my aprons as I am so tired of cooking! And the lockdown isn’t about to stop…
Me, the girl who has launched World Famous in my Kitchen, who doesn’t stop telling her friends how rewarding cooking is, how awesome homemade meals are for their families. Why is this happening to me? It’s the Coronavirus! No, I am not sick, I am just overwhelmed with cooking.

In just a few days after we started the lockdown, an explosion of posts on WhatsApp regarding cooking, ingredients hunting, grocery shopping took over social media…closely followed by Coronavirus’ information, updates and articles.
And then on Facebook, advertisings for slimming down, getting fit, getting the body of your dreams didn’t stop showing up, crazy pop-ups that won’t leave me alone!! In quarantine, really people, do you strongly believe that I am going to turn my body into this?

A portrait of a fit woman in black and white in Kyiv city
Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash

It must be a joke, a bad one because it makes me feel angry… I am pretty fit, going to the gym every day (before the coronavirus), still trying to keep up with some exercises despite the lockdown, I have cut my food input by half to make sure it will still balance with my “low” physical activity, and some random people want me to believe that after a whole month of quarantine by just doing 15mn of fitness/yoga, however, I will look like this? I have been cooking for 5 people, twice a day, 2 different meals, balanced, healthy, interesting, appealing, challenging (sometimes), and I know that in 2 weeks I will most probably look like this.

brow rabbit
Photo by Valentin Petkov on Unsplash

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