The Expat Buddy

I am loving the expat life, but I am also very objective on how life abroad can be challenging, exciting, and draining. Trying to feel home in a foreign country can be overwhelming with practical challenges, which sometimes prevent us from concentrating on what is important: our soft side. And let’s be honest, nobody really seems to care how transitions affect our emotional side: relocation packages focus on home search, school search and sometimes 1 day of cultural training. But is it truly what we need after a couple of months once the “honeymoon” phase is over?

What is the Expat Buddy concept?
- a safe environment to talk about how you are feeling and what your issues are
- the opportunity to exchange on different topics related to the transitions of the nomad life
- being able to share anything without being judged, criticized or laughed at .
- being heard and understood by someone who has been in your shoes
- a dashboard of resources, materials, groups and connections to come with solutions

Each of the vignettes represent one of the pillars of your "soft side" that might be challenged during the transitions of changing countries and cultures. Feel free to click on them and discover the different questions you might be asking yourself and that I will be happy to discuss with you. Using the "tool" "Measure your life", my experience and reflecting on the "U Curve of the transitions", you will be better armed to live the amazing experience the expat life offers.

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